Tuesday, March 27, 2012

chic magnet

when i went to shut the fridge after grabbing some lunch the other day, a trail of photos and papers followed the door. actually, this scenario happens at least once a week. it might be because i pile three to four photos under one magnet (and let's be honest, i open and close the fridge door A LOT so there's quite a bit of turbulence for that lone magnet to endure). bottom line: i need new magnets. reality: magnets are stupidly  expensive! friends, let's be real--i'd rather spend $4.99 on a latte than on a pack of six magnets. 

creative moment: dip into my huge stash of random buttons that i've had sitting around since, oh, middle school.

 use that $4.99 to buy toxic super glue and a pack of ten plain magnets at the craft store.

glue the buttons to the magnets (and do not get any on my hand because it will take forever to come off).

 let them set for 24 hours...and voila!

now each photo/paper can have it's own magnet and will stay in place on the fridge.

cute. cheap. creative. it's how i roll.


  1. LOVE this!! (i've had similar problems with pictures, our fridge and lack of magnets... :o)

  2. thanks k! i made these a couple weeks ago and they are holding up REALLY well. i haven't lost any pictures, which is a nice change!

  3. i will definitely be making some of these :) thanks!