Wednesday, June 15, 2011


june? oh hi. last time i blinked, it was march. you came quite quickly and out of the blue. but now you're here, and well actually, you're on your way out now. maybe the next time i blink, it will be september.

as i mentioned in the previous blog post (which was, whoa, about six weeks ago), we could probably write a whole book on the month of april, but really it can be summed up in two words: pure chaos. between job offers and family being out of town and house sitting and friends visiting and millions of extra commitments on top of the normal ones, we were running around crazy this month. the very last day of april was literally the first day that we had free the whole month! i was pretty excited about a long nap and staying in that night. but it was beautiful out, so josh asked if i wanted to go on a walk (i can never pass up the opportunity to get outside so we went). he took me up to castle hill in ipswich (if you've never been there, google photos because it's beautiful). there's a huge estate that sits on the top of the hill and has a long lawn that overlooks the ocean. we walked around the grounds for a while and ended at the edge of the lawn over the water. josh asked me to name everything that happened it april (which honestly look about five minutes) and then suggested that we go out with a bang to top off a crazy month. then came the "will you marry me?" and the ring and tears and lots of hugs and "oh my goodness's." well the nap and staying in didn't exactly happen, but i think i'm okay with that.

so, needless to say, the past few weeks have just continued in the pattern of pure chaos. my friends, life (and this blog) is sort of on pause until august. if you're itching to stay in the loop, check out our wedding blog in the meantime: until then, thanks for staying tuned.