Wednesday, April 20, 2011

just keep swimming (and running and biking)

well, april 2011 has set a new record for the craziest month of my life. it's true that time flies faster the older you get, but we're talking usain bolt speed this month. march comes in like a lion and out like a lamb, and april just sprints right past you. needless to say, i've been slacking on the posts recently. it's hard to live life and remember to set aside time to write about it too. but i find that i need that time. i'm a verbal processor, and words are important to me. to sum it all up, joboffersandplayingmomwhileparentsareinaustraliaandhousesittingandplanningthesummerandcrazyworkseasonandcomplicationwiththeapartmentandcatchingupwitholdfriendsandtryingtogetmoreconnectedinthecommunityhereandthathardlysaysanythingatallbuthatsthebasicjistofthingsso anyway, to keep up with the fast-paced theme of this month, josh did a sprint triathlon this weekend (in 38 degree weather with a cold and sleep deprivation because that's what happens in times like these). he did a great job anyway so here are some photos:

while we're on the subject of races and athleticism, these are from a half marathon in salem this past fall--fun course (so i hear, but didn't get to experience this time around).