Wednesday, January 12, 2011

being resourceful

i've recently taken an interest in sewing, and creating homemade items rather than buying them. my first endeavor was making draft blockers to help insulate my old apartment and cut heat costs.

1. measure the length of your door and/or window (i made blockers for both!) and add a few extra inches.
2. cut a piece of fabric the length that you measured in step 1 by a width of about 10 inches.
3. with the fabric inside out, fold in half and line up the cut edges.
4. sew the bottom and side of the blocker (you'll want to leave one edge open to fill it).
5. turn the fabric right side out.
6. with the section that you left open, fill the blocker with any combination of dried beans, rice, pillow stuffing, and whatever else comes to mind! be sure to leave a few extra inches at the top.
7. once your blocker is almost full, fold the open edges over twice to make a clean edge and hand stitch it closed.
8. add any fun decorations to your draft blocker, and enjoy an insulated place!

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