Wednesday, January 12, 2011

being resourceful (round two)

after a successful attempt at making draft blockers for my apartment, i decided to take on another fairly simple project: homemade napkins.

here it goes. ..

1. find some super cute fabric.
2. measure and cut (i think a normal napkin size is about 16x16, but mine were more like 14.938x11.809 because i hate measuring). be sure to leave an extra inch all around for folding and sewing purposes.
3. once you have all of your square cut, start folding the edges over (twice to make a clean edge) and pinning and/or ironing them down. my folds were about 1/2 inch (ish) on each side.
4. there are fancy ways to make corners perfect and flat, but it's okay to be simple and just fold them down.
5. pick a cute color for your thread and start sewing a hem along all of your nicely folded edges.
6. replace your thread because you'll probably run out if you're making napkins for the whole fam and all of your dinner guests.
7. make a messy meal, wipe your face and hands with your new napkins, wash the napkins, and repeat!

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