Monday, May 13, 2013

the origins of chalkboard love

you may have noticed by now that i love chalkboard paint. if you haven't, check out this and this and this to get the idea. i thought i'd tell you about the origins of my chalkboard craze. two summers ago, josh and i were in the midst of crazy wedding planning (we had just under four months to pull off a wedding). it seemed like every waking moment was fixated on planning, working through the details, shopping, making phone calls, and taking on (a few too many) projects. i had lofty aspirations of a complete d.i.y. wedding and incorporated quite a few homemade projects into my plans...without much thought to our condensed time frame. 

one of these projects included converting an old window into the menu for our reception. we made a trip to todd farm early one sunday morning in search of some key wedding decoration items (friends on the north shore, if you've never been to todd farm, you must go! it's a giant antique/flea market with great deals). i wish now that i had taken pictures of the whole event, but the short of it is that i found a rustic old red window in a pile of junk antiques for $5 and decided to make some good use out of it. josh took a hammer and smashed the life out of all the glass. then we coated a thick piece of wood with chalkboard paint and fastened it to the backside of the window. we wrote out all of the items on our (awesome) menu like this...

[photo credit: scot huber, give & take pictures]
and then we decided that the piece needed a home after the wedding too, so we mounted it in the entrance to our old apartment.

now used it for to-do lists,

love notes,


and important reminders.

and thus concludes round FOUR of chalkboard posts...or maybe this should be round zero since this is where it all began. enjoy, and get painting.

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