Saturday, January 12, 2013

change is good.

really good. and hard, too. 2012 was a big transition year for us, and while many of those transitions are still in process, i'm finally feeling like i can come up for air [gulp]. since last year at this time, we celebrated a job change for me, kissed our first apartment good-bye and moved into a [temporary] new living situation, made the bittersweet decision to leave our church and begin searching for one closer to home, and celebrated one year of marriage.

through each of these experiences, i've been riding the wave of tension between excitement over new possibilities and remorse over losing what has been our 'norm.' there's a part of me that thrives in the midst of change and a part of me that dives into worried panic over it--especially with big changes like these. give me a room to rearrange or a closet to reorganize and i will be PUMPED about those small changes. it might even launch me into an unstoppable mission of rearranging every room and reorganizing every closet in the house. and i will love it. but give me big life changes and i will most certainly oscillate between thrill and fear. and in the end, i will be more grateful to have gone through those big changes--no matter how hard and scary and exciting they may have been--than i will be to have a fresh new spin on my room or closet.

so, i'm entering 2013 grateful for the transitions that we went through this past year, and hopeful that this new year will be one of resolution. don't worry--we toasted to it.

packing up our cozy little apartment

our new home for now
happy anniversary!

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  1. Love the update! Can't wait to hear more stories of 2013.