Saturday, June 23, 2012

dear motorcycle brigade on main street,

i've never seen anything like you in this quaint little town before. in fact, i'm surprised they even let you through--and with police escorts none the less! (not to be judgmental, but i think the only other times i've seen policemen and motorcyclists together have been in cases of speeding tickets and accidents.) around here, there are lots of rules: trains aren't allowed to sound their horns, and trash cans must be exactly two feet from the curb in order to get picked up on trash day. maybe they forgot to make a rule about motorcycle brigades. i hope they don't because it would be fun to have you back sometime. you were a nice break from the stuffy audi, lexus and mercedes drivers that frequent the streets around here. i admire your sense of freedom--the way you let the wind comb through your long wiry pony tail, the way you don't care that your shirt is untucked and your pants are riding too low, the way you can ride for miles and miles without any purpose or rush. more people could stand to untuck their shirts and let the wind in their hair from time to time. i am one of them.

what were you doing around here anyway? i attempted to google you when i got home, but what do you even enter for a search like that? "why were there bikers driving through my town today?" no results. maybe there was a convention around here. maybe you were just out for a saturday drive (which wouldn't be a bad idea--it was beautiful today). maybe you're starting out on a trip from the east coast to the west coast, or maybe you just finished a trip from the west coast to the east coast. maybe there was a parade (did i miss it?). maybe you were the parade. in any case, i'm glad you came through this little town and brought fresh life to the streets today.

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