Monday, January 30, 2012

no place like home.

i just returned from a quick work trip to colorado. nothing like a long plane ride, a little motion sickness, and a nap-free 22-hour day to shake you up and give you a little perspective. i travel a few times a year for work and while i'm always grateful for the chance to pack my bags and head out on an adventure, i always count the days until i can come home. there is a certain thrill to travel--a sense of adrenaline pumping as the plane takes off and lands, a sense of wanderlust as i scour the area guides looking for mini-adventures to take in between meetings, a sense of freedom and exploration, a sense of awe a new places and faces (like this one).  there's a kind of alter ego that lets loose on the road.  my inner road warrior goes to work setting up shop in the hotel and the rental car--she feeds on to-go meals at whole foods, iced coffee, mini shampoo and conditioner refills, hot coffee, driving one-handed as the other punches new destinations into the gps, and any other form of coffee-induced beverages.  but there truly is no place like home.  there is a certain calm at home--a sense of belonging, a sense of rest and peace as the road warrior goes back into hibernation, a sense of loyalty in making coffee from the same pot each morning and turning the sheets of the same bed each night.  friends, it's good to be home.

i was grateful for the chance to meet up with a good friend while in colorado this time.  we used to work together when she was a student (she has since graduated, moved, married, and landed a great job with lots of potential).  in terms of personality and vision, we are on very similar pages, so i usually leave our conversations filled with inspiration, project ideas, and new thoughts on living and lifestyle.  this time, i'm particularly inspired by her commitment to pursuing creativity, living healthily, and commanding adventure in the every day.  my mind's wheels have been spinning for some time about how to be more committed to things like this, to things that i love (see november's resolutions).  this is my current list...

be more faithful in doing yoga. pilates. back issues have banned yoga for the time being, so i'm pursuing pilates instead.

write at least once a week and do a better job maintaining my blog. still working on this one. the christmas season gave me lots of creative inspiration, but i've been experiencing a drought in my creative juices recently; they have given way to the busyness of life. i started volunteering to write for a local non-profit to help keep me accountable in writing, and my blog continues to be a great avenue for creative expression.

create margins of time to just be. just not part of my personality makeup. augh.

fully embrace the seasons rather than complain my way to summer. winter has been a consistent 50 degrees here, so this resolution hasn't been too tough to keep up with so far! 

read. yes!  as busy as traveling can be, it lends itself to book completion quite seamlessly.

be intentional about investing in the here and now, take advantage of moments to talk with complete strangers, and be a part of where we live.  once again inspired to keep at this one. i'm realizing that this takes lots of patience, time, and perseverance.

given that it's january (at least for one more day), and the season of resolutions is upon us, i have a few other things to add to the list...

live simply and healthily.

train for a half marathon.

there's nothing like leaving home to breathe new life into perspectives and priorities; and there's nothing like coming home to live out the inspiration.

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