Tuesday, November 1, 2011

playing catch up

138 is a reasonable number when talking about the number of miles to drive to see a good friend, photos to take on a particularly glorious day or momentous occasion, total cheerios in a box, and dollars for a slamming outfit (or twenty, if you like a bargain).

138, however, is not a good number when talking about the number of days that have passed since my last post. so here is my attempt at making up lost time.

138 things that happened in the past 138 days:

1. i got married (see http://joshheathwed.blogspot.com for that post)
2. i acquired a new last name (we're both still getting used to that one)
3. my grandma had a birthday
4. my little sister had a birthday
5. i got a promotion
6. han and sy got married (we were both brides and bridesmaids within a two week span)
7. we went to mexico and wished we'd never came back
8. i sort of went twice, if tucson counts
9. hurricane irene came
10. we got stuck in cleveland during hurricane irene
11. we drove 13 hours from cleveland in torrential downpours
12. josh had a birthday...in mexico
13. i had a birthday...in the rental car
14. snow came in october
15. seventy degrees and chirping birds came back in november
16. i skipped numbers 17 through 127 because you don't care that much and life has been too much of a blur to remember everything
128. we rented a cottage in new hampshire and escaped for a weekend
129. the dawsons came for a quick visit
130. i went to colorado
131. i bought tickets to go back in january
132. i saw a good friend in colorado
133. she up and left her job to make more creative space, and i got inspired
134. we painted our apartment (the wife has arrived and it is no longer a bachelor pad)
135. our church decided to buy land for a building
136. josh got tattoo #2
137. we created a pretty tasty new pizza recipe
138. life quickly went from about 5mph to 95mph back down to 5mph within four months, and now we're smoothly sailing at an even 35. let's hope it stays this way, at least for a little while.

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