Wednesday, March 16, 2011

churning up the sea

this is the japan i know, the japan i saw just a few months ago. praise God that this area and it's people were not affected by the recent earthquake and tsunami. but families, friends, and loved ones in other areas likely were.

the day after the destruction occurred in japan, i was reading through isaiah 51 as part of my study. i came across verse 15: "FOR I AM THE LORD YOUR GOD, WHO CHURNS UP THE SEA SO THAT ITS WAVES ROAR--THE LORD ALMIGHTY IS HIS NAME." so often throughout the book of isaiah God identifies himself to his people as their creator--the ones who put the stars in their place and laid the heavens out like a blanket over the earth. he is the one who churns and calms the seas, and he is ultimately the one who knows his reasons why. he is the Lord almighty.

keep praying for japan.

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