Tuesday, January 18, 2011

the new englander in me

the truth is that i don't have much "new englander" in me. most people who know me well, if at all, know that i'm a california baby and hate (hate is a strong word, but is entirely appropriate here) being cold. i blame my california blood for that disgruntled look that sets in each year when i unpack my winter coat from it's rightful place in the attic. don't get me wrong, i love new england. i love being outside. i love camping, faithfully staking it out at the rei garage sale, hiking, black labs, shopping at farmer's markets and yardsales, snowboarding, and being at the beach no matter what time of year. and even though i'm a wimp, the new englander in me still wakes me up at the crack of dawn, laces up the running shoes, and hits the pavement without even a glance at the thermostat. i love new england, but i just don't get a high from feeling my blood freeze in my veins like some of the crazies up here. this year, though, i've decided to try harder to soak in the beauty of winter and not dwell solely on the fact that i wish i could wear toms and flip flops all year round. because winter IS beautiful. so i've resolved to not hibernate this year. ..

[snowshoeing at ocean lawn!]

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  1. love these posts, heather! keep it up! the photos are awesome and it's fun to see what you're up to!