Wednesday, January 12, 2011

all things december

i had my first taste of christmas in taiwan this year (well last year, i guess, since this post is a bit late). before boarding the plane to hong kong, we made a quick stop at starbucks to grab some life juice for our 6 a.m. flight. to my surprise the airport starbucks half-way across the world was just as decked out in christmas garb as every starbucks back home. perhaps i'm narrow-minded, but i didn't know christmas could exist without snow, a mere eight hours of daylight, and an additional twenty pounds of winter gear on my body at all times. in fact, i was donning shorts and chaco's when i had my first taste of christmas this year. as the cashier handed me my receipt, written in who knows what language, and a coupon for $5 off my next purchase (only to be used in taiwan, bummer), i sang along to white voices harmonizing 'jingle bells' over the loudspeakers. feeling out of place and far from home at that moment, i was happy to come home to christmas.

christmas decorations
in my apartment:
lots of berries
and jars
and candles

the story of my christmas tree: my little sister is learning to drive so she was taking us for a spin around town. as she was driving along, i noticed a table of FREE STUFF on the side of the road (i have a weakness for free stuff, thrift shops, and picking things up off the side of the road). amidst old shoes and lamps was some christmas garland. it was about time to get into the holiday spirit so i snagged it--free christmas garland wrapped around my ladder makes for a great christmas tree!

[frosty windows: glad to be IN here, not OUT there]

[i love the way the sun floods into my little apartment in the mornings]

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